Why Exhibit

Why Exhibit

Erbil Autoshow has been organizing for 4 years which is one of the most significant milestones in the development of the region. The fair has continuously improved and grown since the very first day it started, and at where we stand today , it has become one of the most important autoshows not only in Erbil but also in the region.

International automotive and automotive spare part manufacturers and importers are leading at Erbil Autoshow. The interest in these fairs has been gradually increased day by day , and these fairs , which play a key role in the country – wide development of the automotive industry, significantly contribute to the local economy, as well.

The automotive industry gets an increasing share from the modern technological developments, and in indicates the aspiration of our society to live well that the technical and esthetical developments in the products creat a demand among people. The automobile enthusiasts will get the chance to know both the latest tecnological developments and also new automobile models to be released to the market , and they will gain insight about the automotive technologies and design approaches of the future.


Erbil is the focus of entrepreneurs with its stable and improving economy..



Erbil Building offers excellent business oportunities to visitors



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